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Thread: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

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    Re: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

    For those that have not seen my post, I am a BMXZ licenced driver again! Contacting Blackwater Falls state park next week to book our cabin if able.. May have to wait til January as some places don't allow booking til the new year...we can use it for a central party/hookup location if u's that for laid back? HAHA!! hey if y'all wanna party all over the park that's good too! HAHA!! Again, we will be coming via an suv type vehicle as I don't have a bike right now..just checked and I have 15% of my goal saved up for it!

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    Re: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

    Rider wear house has been doing a ( Very Boring Rally ) In Duluth mn , it's so laid back it happens only 3 years apart. Held in conjunction with a great AMA trials event. Lots of speakers ONE vendor. To watch a motorcycle jump from bolder to bolder is impressive. Lots of camping and great views of the harbor. J

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    Re: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

    Some us who are privileged to be retired,,, can relate to the days of the schedules of worthless meetings and such... I like the informal latitudes where I can plan my own day and if others fit in that plan,,, that's great or join another ride or so... It is relaxing and I have not met any strangers yet... Well,,, some a bit strange... I just praise God he has given me the strength to ride and to camp...


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