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Thread: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

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    Motocamper Events - Please Read............

    In the last few days I've gotten some e-mails, and a few phone calls about our events, and people interested in joining the forum and attending. Some were interested in the West Virginia event, but after reading the thread they had questions, and to be honest some were a little hesitant because of some of the responses.

    Here is what I told them, and for all our visitors, or new members who haven't been to an event and want to attend, this is my take on how it's been.

    When we have a camp it is not a hugely organized event. It's about friends deciding on getting together somewhere to camp, hang out, and ride. Normally someone posts some pics about riding somewhere, then someone mentions we should camp nearby. Then we decide to camp, and everyone wants everyone else to pick a date and a site. Sooner or later it does get decided. Then Rick puts it on the event calendar, with an RSVP list.

    If you want to attend, become a member so you can access all of the forum and add yourself to the RSVP list. It's not mandatory to get on the list, but it helps to have a head count if we are having a meal on the last night of the camp. Sometimes we have a meal, sometimes we don't, mostly it depends on the location, or size of the event, but we usually do. A couple of our events are at motorcycle only campgrounds so that makes the logistics easier to have a meal.

    Our events aren't a Honda Hoot, HOG rally, or a Wing Ding, we are simply friends getting together to camp. We don't have someone at the campground entrance to lead you to your site. Just come on in and ask someone on a motorcycle, we are a helpful bunch.

    We don't have mandatory organized rides, we normally set around and talk about who wants to go where, and go. If someone knows the area well, they will often offer to lead a ride somewhere scenic, and usually a stop at a good place to eat. Sometimes these are planned in the discussion before hand, but not always. Usually if someone has suggested the area, they will tell you what to look for when going there. If you like, you can set up camp and not go anywhere, it's entirely your choice.

    Seriously, it's really that laid back.

    I have been asked if it's necessary to contact the person in charge before signing up.

    I told them there is no person in charge as far as I know. Everyone is their own boss!

    I used the example of the first Chill Out. If memory serves me correctly, we discussed it, Gary rode down and checked it out, and George called Lori and got us a date set up. It's really that simple, where and when, and then go from there. Camps at other places like a state park can be just as simple with only a tiny bit of effort. I'm sure the campground operator where you pay will steer you in the right direction of other MotoCampers members if everyone tells them they are with our bunch when they pay.

    No prior camping experience, ID, or secret handshake required! If you've never camped by motorcycle these events are a great place to check out tents, campers, and everything related to camping. Grab a tent, tie it on the bike with something to sleep on and join us.

    You will have fun!

    I hope this helps answer some of the questions some had about our events. Everyone please feel free to comment, or ask questions.

    EDIT: Something to add, we are not tent only, or camper only, pack it on, or pull it behind you are welcome with us.

    The same goes for what you ride, we don't care if it's a motorcycle, trike, scooter, or what brand or size it is. If it has handlebars that works for us!

    If you get to the event and want to post a sign up sheet for an organized ride, please feel free to do so. I think Alisa put up one at the Chill Out this year for a ride they did on Saturday.

    The reason we try to keep things loosely organized is to not make first timers feel like they have to participate in things. There is normally someone in the group who is familiar with the area, and will lay you out a route, or even lead a ride. It's all good!

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    Re: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

    Well said. zipp

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    Re: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

    As you said......"Seriously laid back" that says it all.

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    Re: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

    That was a needed addition to the website..Thankyou!
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    Re: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

    Good summary of our events.
    Everyone is welcome at the camp fire.
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    Re: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

    I can confirm that "organizing" an event consisted of picking a date and a place. Hell, back in October I didn't even have to pick the campsite. Everyone rolled in whenever, hung out, a couple people went on a couple different rides, all in all a good time.
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    Re: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

    Pin this!
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    Re: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

    I don't believe I could have "said it better myself"! Well done

    On 2nd thought the only thing I'd add Steve is that "you don't need to be pulling a camper". A lot of forum members pull campers and there seems to be trend in that direction. Whether you camp in a "lean too, a tent, a hammock, or rolled up on a blanket on the ground" you are most welcome to join in on the fun.
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    Re: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

    Ohhh, so we're keeping the secret inner circle decoder ring a SECRET now... gotcha. That and the mysterious communications at campgrounds at night, that SOUND like snoring, but really a language only known to a few.

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    Re: Motocamper Events - Please Read............

    Quote Originally Posted by Ironheadziggy76 View Post
    ...but after reading the thread they had questions, and to be honest some were a little hesitant because of some of the responses.
    Some people are just more comfortable with more structure such as schedules, signup sheets, etc. as that's the way many groups and organizations are run. They have a hard time adjusting to just going with the flow with no body really in charge.

    This thread will hopefully give people a heads up as to things being more laid back As fairly new members of the group it works well for us.

    The RSVP is nice because it gives you an idea of who is attending and who to look for in camp.
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