Cachuma is a large county park with something like 300 camping spaces, along with yurts and cabins. They have a decent little store and gas station, boat rentals, and at the moment there's a pretty good restaurant. There is a swimming pool, really nice frisbee golf course, laundry, and coin operated showers in the rest rooms. The lake is a reservoir, swimming is not allowed but fishing and boating are fine.

Some spots are shaded, many are out in the open. There isn't a lot of shrubbery to provide privacy. Sites have a fire pit and picnic table. Hammocks aren't allowed, but not that I have a Tensa4 stand that won't be an issue next time. I went on a chili weekday in February so there were very few people and it was wonderful. It gets crowded during summer, and you can forget about getting a spot during summer weekends.

It has a reputation for getting noisy between children screaming and younger crowds partying into the night, but luckily I didn't have to deal with any of that. It seems that drunks doing their thing is a thing here on the Left Coast, I've encountered it at every campground out here so far. It is disappointing, and something I've never had to deal with anywhere else across the country.

If you are next to the frisbee golf expect a lot of traffic, it is a very popular course. I meanders through much of the park so chances are good you'll be close to the path.

You pay more for a "lake view" site and prices go up in the summertime.

This time I had a tiny tent and a cot that was just a wee bit too big, touching the sides. I kept waking up every time I touched the tent sides because of the wicking. Being next to the lake brought heavy condensation and more cold than I was expecting. Other than going home exhausted from the poor sleep I still had a great time.

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