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Thread: Free standing Tents good for now.

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    Free standing Tents good for now.

    You can put them up in the front room.

    Sorry to the members north of Mo. Your going
    to get cold the next 7 days. Maybe setting up
    the tent and using your sleeping bag will get you
    through this winter cold spell.

    I got a list of my Classmates from 1965 and started emailing
    a few, as a project. Sharing stories of High School and living
    in my small Mo. Town. Has been fun.

    Hope all you members are doing well, I did get my first shot.
    No problems. Went to the Heart Dr. and my BP was great. i
    am feeling good.

    Hang in there through this crazy time.

    buttset from Mo.

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    Re: Free standing Tents good for now.

    I have the outside boiler full and a warm house . were good in the frozen north . 27 below F this morning the Vee Strom wouldn't start . It was probably the 57 below wind chill . I love northern MN in the winter , we can always find the weather to talk about . You know firewood warms you up about 6 times before it gets in the stove .

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    Re: Free standing Tents good for now.

    All good in No. VA. Weather has been cold & wet the past week but the house is warm I have started working on my camping gear. Once the snow/ice stops I will pull the camper out and start on the inside of it.

    I have no shots yet. VA is slow, slow, slow.

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