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Thread: Expected battery life

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    Re: Expected battery life

    Had a friend's battery die one WEEK after buying it... Luckily I had my power pack with me that he used to drive from PA to CT.
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    Re: Expected battery life

    On my '04 GL 1800 I finally put a new battery on in 2019. I bought this bike new from the dealer in October 2004. Never had one problem anywhere.

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    Re: Expected battery life

    Dam, fifteen years out of a battery! That is impressive. Ever notice that a stock battery lasts longer then one bought off the shelf?

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    Re: Expected battery life

    Quote Originally Posted by naga viper View Post
    Rule of Thumb is 7 years for automobiles. if never discharged to the point of not starting then subtract 50% life.
    hope that helps.
    Wife's 2015 Dodge Journey she bought new had a 3 year battery, I just replaced it last week. Told her she done good getting 6 years out of a 5 year battery.
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    Re: Expected battery life

    I have had good luck with batteries in my wings. I don't put them on a tender. I think by not doing so, allows me to know when the battery is getting weak. I think that it's easy to tell when they are loosing their ability to recover.

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