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Thread: Expected battery life

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    Re: Expected battery life

    Had a friend's battery die one WEEK after buying it... Luckily I had my power pack with me that he used to drive from PA to CT.
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    Re: Expected battery life

    On my '04 GL 1800 I finally put a new battery on in 2019. I bought this bike new from the dealer in October 2004. Never had one problem anywhere.

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    Re: Expected battery life

    Dam, fifteen years out of a battery! That is impressive. Ever notice that a stock battery lasts longer then one bought off the shelf?

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    Re: Expected battery life

    Quote Originally Posted by naga viper View Post
    Rule of Thumb is 7 years for automobiles. if never discharged to the point of not starting then subtract 50% life.
    hope that helps.
    Wife's 2015 Dodge Journey she bought new had a 3 year battery, I just replaced it last week. Told her she done good getting 6 years out of a 5 year battery.
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    Re: Expected battery life

    I have had good luck with batteries in my wings. I don't put them on a tender. I think by not doing so, allows me to know when the battery is getting weak. I think that it's easy to tell when they are loosing their ability to recover.

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    Re: Expected battery life

    I always use a "battery tender" on mine and the wife's and you might have something there sowclem. Hers would start at the house because of the tender but had problems after sitting somewhere (camp ground) for a couple days. Might be better to let it set at home to so I don't get into trouble somewhere along the road...

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    Re: Expected battery life

    I'm on my third battery on my 2005.

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