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Thread: Braking and Stopping with trailer

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    Re: Braking and Stopping with trailer

    Would you pull a trailer with your car that weighs over half what the car weighs? Probably not and it would be illegal in a lot of states.

    I pull an Aspen Classic weighing around 400 lbs with my GL1800 Goldwing which is about 900 lbs. The Wing has integrated brakes and stops really well. I started, like you, thinking I could be careful and get by. All it takes is one fool that decides to turn in front of you or run that red light for you to be a pile of junk, broken bones, or worse. I put brakes on the trailer with a Tekonsha electronic brake control on the tongue in a weather proof box. People will tell you how unsafe you will be if the brakes grab, etc. Don't buy into that as you are way more likely to have the above scenarios play out than having brakes grab.

    I have pulled the camper from coast to coast and the Gulf to Canada and I will never pull a trailer without brakes. Weigh your decision very carefully.
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    Re: Braking and Stopping with trailer

    I'm with you Bipeflier, I bought a new camper just so I could get brakes on it. No matter how careful you are, there is always somebody out there waiting to test the theory that you can stop in time...
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    Re: Braking and Stopping with trailer

    +1 on the steel brake lines as well as flushing and replacing fluids. I towed a TimeOut with my Voyager XII (1200) and my wife has always packed for 8 days when we only needed 2 days worth of stuff. Brake early, down shift and by all means make sure the braking system is in tip top shape!

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