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Thread: Hot weather riding

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    Hot weather riding

    Do with this as you choose.

    I have ridden when it was H-O-T! (> 100 degrees). Not happily; but Iíve done it. Being cheap / poor / practical
    I didnít want to spend multiple hundreds of dollars on a circulating cooling system. Instead I bought 2 evaporative vests from HYPERKEWL @ ~ $ 30 per, and some 2 gal. freezer bags. Follow the directions the vests will keep you comfortable for 2 Ė 3 hours. Then you can stop at the next gas station, change your own body fluids, and wet the other vest.

    Now living in South Georgia during the summer I just went to Amazon and got a couple of long sleeve SPV 50 shirts for < $ 20 /per. The work well for 80 Ė 95 degrees.

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    Re: Hot weather riding

    I use one of the older vests that you pour in a liter of water and it will keep you cooler for 4 hours or more . Under my Aerostich gear I am good to high 80's above that its still livable . Over 100 it's time to quit .

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    Re: Hot weather riding

    Wife and I got into some 98F temps a year ago, and what we would do is stop in at a gas station...soak down two shirts and put them on. Felt good for awhile. We would also wrap some ice up in a towel and put it around our neck. Felt real good for a couple hours.


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    Re: Hot weather riding

    My vest was very nice to have out west but in the humidity of the east coast, not so much relief for me.

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