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Thread: 02 Cool Fan battery works for days

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    02 Cool Fan battery works for days

    Ive gotten sissified over the years and like air mattress , tent I can stand up in , hot meals ect
    I can still travel light when needing to but now that Im older and make a little more dont have to so must want to rough it per say.

    I ride a Goldwing so have saddle bags trunk and places to strap things down as well,
    I have a larger popup coleman tent that I can barely stand up to put my pants on and has room for a air mattress wit hjust enough room for my kermit chair and stuff off the bike.
    This fan is fairly heavy as takes 6 D cells and is about 12 x 12 square but I have gotten into the habit of taking it along on warmer trips even in the car as works well in Hotel room ,cabins and tents.
    As I dont take a lot of other things then a bed ,tent, collapsible small cooler and change of clothes with a small swedish cook set this will fit on light camping trips as well
    Its a 02 Cool 10" fan , it blows just enough to provide relief on very warm like 90 degree nights after my shower in a tent in June in Texas more than once.
    This is the second one I have owned as the first one was lost somewhere after a few years of use.
    I think its a great value and worth the $22 give or take dollars for it .
    My newest one came with a AC adapter with so works in hotel room and cabins where you have AC but would like a slight breeze
    I also use in in my office where I have a recliner that I may take a nap now and then while working LOL

    I highly recommend it to others and have had a few share my tent and they got a breeze from it as well after blowing over my chubby body LOL

    Still made by 02 Cool but the model seems to be called the treva now

    I would say but it try it , wont blow dry your hair but give a gentle breeze for days off one set of batteries on high and I just used it for naps on low to use up the batteries and it lasted many many naps in my office after I used it two full nights on high on short trip.
    Again I think well worth the money and the space it takes up enjoy and please post your results
    PS: its also very quiet on both speeds

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    Re: 02 Cool Fan battery works for days

    I found out early on that a tent fan is a must for me, too.
    Trying to rest during the day or get to sleep in the evenings when it's so hot you're sweating is no fun.

    For those (like me) who don't have the room to pack a larger fan...

    I solved the problem with one of those really cheap hand-held Coleman battery fans with the folding blades. It lasted for years, but...
    When it wore out I searched for another and found from the reviews that the newer ones were now very poorly assembled and had a high failure rate if they functioned at all. Junk.

    So I searched for an alternative and came up with this...

    The Opolar battery fan

    It's been great. It moves a lot of air for it's size and the rechargeable battery can power it for hours. It comes with a spare, too.

    How do I use it? Like the dinky Coleman I had before, I zip-tie a small "s" clip to the handle, hang it from the gear loft and point it towards me...or wherever else I want to point it. It does the job right nice.
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    Re: 02 Cool Fan battery works for days

    I have been using the 02 fan for a few years and have been very happy with it.
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    Re: 02 Cool Fan battery works for days

    I also have had my 12” O2 fan for several years. Broke a few of fins in the front grill but it still
    works great! On low I get 4+ nights out of the batteries.

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    Re: 02 Cool Fan battery works for days

    Riding to Hobart OK to pickup my NEW RAH It was HOT! 113 during the day.
    I picked up a fan, that looks to be the same, at Wally World. I think
    they’re still ~$ 14. The fan has done me good! I’ve changed the
    batteries occasionally, and it still functions like it did originally.

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    Re: 02 Cool Fan battery works for days

    I’m going to have to get another! I normally take out the batteries at the end of season but forgot! It still works if you plug it in, so I’ll use it in the shop and pick up one of these!

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