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Thread: Stuck at home: How about a motorcycle story?

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    Stuck at home: How about a motorcycle story?

    I did belong to another Forum. MY FB before FB. 10PM each night more than 100
    members on line. I met maybe 125 or more of these members.

    It was called Intruder Alert. Many of us owned Intruder Bikes 800's and 1400's.
    So we planned a Rally in Paducah Ky. Maybe 100 members showed up. We had
    a big Motel by the river. We kind of took it over.

    So this story starts with a member riding from Ca. to attend this event. He had a
    a 1400. Some member from Tx. invited him to stop and stay the weekend before
    heading to KY. Some members had modified their bikes with stronger clutch springs.
    This guy said he wanted to do this to his bike.
    So 5 guys in a garage started to make this happen. Two hours later, finished, some
    one said lets ride. Off they went. Few miles later the Ca. guy pulls over. Guys go back
    and say what's up? He said bike is making knocking noise. One guy said you put the oil
    back in right? No I thought you did. So no oil and going a few miles did its damage.
    Man who had garage, where the bike was worked on, offered, to make it right at his bike
    shop. Then another biker who owned an Intruder, offered his bike for the Ca. guy to ride
    to Ky. Money from some Forum Members got sent in.

    Off to Ky. went the man on a borrowed bike. I rode to this rally, had a great time. Two women
    rode all the way form Tx. Members from everywhere came. Canada too. So I met this man on
    borrowed bike. Jerk of biggest kind. I gave him no money. He ripped around on this borrowed
    So Rally ended we headed home. Ca. guy got to 40 miles from TX. town and highway construction
    changed to 1 lane. He got forced into road sign. Wearing shorts, sandles, t-shirt, he went down.
    Totaled bike. Now in Hospital. Some flew to Texas to check on him. Out in a week ended up on
    couch of home where they worked on his bike. Week turned into month. The home owner said enough.

    So he said he knew of another place that might take him in. Alternative lifestyle, people. OK two
    women that lived together. So he was on their couch. Then he tried to convert one of the women.
    They kicked him out. Bike got fixed for about $500. But he said he was not well enough to ride to
    Ca. Then some member with a plane said I will fly you home FREE!

    Cool he said can we stop at a few cities on the way so I can visit friends????? He got home.
    We bad mouthed him for months. He did come back and got his bike. Never said sorry to the
    owner of the wrecked bike. Just a messed up deal all the way around.

    Everyone had good intentions. He was a JERK and took advantage at every turn. Live and Learn.

    Buttset from Mo.

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    Re: Stuck at home: How about a motorcycle story? the moral of the story to check your oil and air pressure before EVERY ride, or be careful who you are generous to?
    That is quite the story, I don't have any stories that rival that one!
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    Re: Stuck at home: How about a motorcycle story?

    Wow, he was a Jerk!

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