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Thread: Ever look at what's sold by Lehman's?

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    Ever look at what's sold by Lehman's?

    We live where we share a well for water.
    It's like some well water it is hard.
    We decided to use 5 gal. jugs of water from the store.
    To cook and drink, and for making ICE.
    Man those jugs were heavy and I had to move too often.

    So in Lehman's catalog used be many Amish and homesteading.
    We bought a charcoal water filter from Lehman's and now filter
    all our WELL Water through it for all our needs. No More Jugs.
    Works great and filters will do over 6000 gallons before need changing.

    Check out LEHMAN'S for your camping cooking needs, might find something

    Buttset from Mo.

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    Re: Ever look at what's sold by Lehman's?

    It's a pretty cool store if you're in the area

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