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Thread: North west PA camp out (loleta)

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    Re: North west PA camp out (loleta)

    Thanks! Still working and wanted 2021 dates to set/ration vacation time for events. Just have parked camper syndrome. Ready for the weather to break.

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    Re: North west PA camp out (loleta)

    Hoping to get 5 camping trips, this year. Lolita and Cowens Gap. For sure. I am looking forward to spring and summer!

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    Re: North west PA camp out (loleta)

    I'm with you medwood, Cowan Gap and Lolita for sure. I see Cowan Gap is already listed, now we need a date for Lolita...
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    Re: North west PA camp out (loleta)

    See post #130, back one page. Someone needs to wake Ken up from his winter sleep and ask him! Anyway, Dave, my guess is Sept 10th to 12th.

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    Re: North west PA camp out (loleta)

    OK, I guess you'll have to step up and start a new thread for this years camp-out with the dates. Unless you can get LuRay to do it....

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