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Thread: 2005 Aspen classic camper for sale

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    2005 Aspen classic camper for sale

    I am posting this for a friend . He has a 2005 aspen classic for sale for 2500.00 it has the king size bed and comes with the den and the tet part is brand new as of 2018 he had a squirrel back in 2017/2018 winter that thought he wanted to camp in his old tent part . So he replaced the whole upper part .The new tent part has two windows on each side like the bunkhouse ot just one big window like the older style. He has never camped in it after he replaced the new tent. he has sense quite camping ad has slowed down on riding you can text me or call for pics I have the title in hand and the camper is located in Hinckley MN. My # is 320-384-6678

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    Re: 2005 Aspen classic camper for sale

    Does your friend still have the camper?? I guy I work with is looking for one and this may just be good for him.

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