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Thread: Cowans Gap

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    Cowans Gap


    Are you going to host a Spring camp-out at Cowans Gap again this year? Was a good time there last year. Starting to schedule camp-out dates...
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    Re: Cowans Gap

    Good Morning Dave

    Last year after the camp-out Turtle asked Connie and I to host this years camp-out. To answer your question YES we will be posting dates before long.

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    Re: Cowans Gap

    Would like to join you folks this year depend on dates

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    Re: Cowans Gap

    I hope you can attend this year.It will be a day time event for me due to my wife's health.I'M ONLY 35 miles from there.I asked Doc and Connie to be the hosts and thankfully they agreed to do so.I know everyone is looking forward to their first Spring camp out and COWAN's Gap will be a good one to mark on your calendar.I hope to see many of you there.

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    Re: Cowans Gap

    I couldn't find it listed on here under the events so wasn't sure of last years dates. Hopefully on a decent weekend this year, maybe have a second weekend in case of weather... Never too early to start planning.

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    Re: Cowans Gap

    Dates for this year camp. May 29 30 & 31

    Last year we camped May 31 June 1 & 2. Hope to get with Turtle in the next few weeks (3 to 4) and look the area over in the hopes of finding a drier area in case of rain.
    Hopefully the weather will be great but weather is what weather is.
    We had a good time last year even with the weather. Will try to have more information in future.

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    Re: Cowans Gap

    ok let me know the sites you get and i will see if i can get one an that area also

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    Re: Cowans Gap

    I'm with Bluetick. Get this on the events so I can RSVP.

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    Re: Cowans Gap


    I'm not very good at this computer stuff. However the dates for this years camp-out are May 29,30 & 31st. If you have any pull with the powers that be and can help get this
    posted I sure would thank you.

    Turtle and the wife and I are planing to check out the camp grounds this Sunday (May 26 @ 10:30) and anyone that would like to join us is more than welcome. Will post more
    information next week.

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    Re: Cowans Gap

    we wish her well and you also ken

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