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I look like a hobo making family dinner. Tube steaks for all.

Had a great time seeing everyone. Had some great riding weather on the way to MO and back. We left a few skid marks on the road to show we had been there, some rubber. and some fiber glass.

We did not play RLC so I didn't have any winnings to use for the shower so I went for a dip in the river.

Here are a few photos.
Attachment 23930 Attachment 23931 Attachment 23934

Attachment 23932 Attachment 23933 Attachment 23935

Attachment 23936 Attachment 23937 Attachment 23938

Attachment 23939 Attachment 23940 Attachment 23941

Attachment 23942 Attachment 23943 Attachment 23946
Attachment 23944 Attachment 23945 Attachment 23947
Thanks for the pictures.... se ya next month