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Thread: I miss my GW Trike and 55 trailer

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    I miss my GW Trike and 55 trailer

    I miss my Trike everyday. I decided to sell it to help pay for my Cabin in Warsaw Mo.

    I knew if I did keep riding it, I did not know how much money I could get for it.
    I always liked different things. The 55 Nomad Trailer was a photo magnet.
    Some asked what is it and when I said trailer, it did not compute.
    I traveled a lot of places, staying in motels, some camping in a tent. Then I found
    MotoCampers, got my Mini Mate and that was for me. Put the 55 in the garage.
    Traveled and camped, met all you guys, and had a blast. But I wanted a cabin and
    the Trike and 55 were a way to pay for a big chunk of it.

    My wife was very surprised I sold it. But I had a good run. Miss it every summer day when I
    think of riding. I did fish this year more than in the past.


    BUTTSET from Mo.

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    Re: I miss my GW Trike and 55 trailer

    I have rarely been able to get out and ride for over a year now but, I am slowly starting to spend more time riding...yes I did miss it.

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    Re: I miss my GW Trike and 55 trailer

    Haven't been on a bike in a couple of years, but I do have a Burgman 650 Executive sitting in the garage.

    Do I miss riding? I suppose so, but I've been just about everywhere in over 50 years of riding. The fire in my belly is more like smoking embers.

    Haven't put anything new on my picturetrail site, so few visitors go there.
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    Re: I miss my GW Trike and 55 trailer

    Not missing mine yet al least until first snow. And no camp in my future.
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    Andy Cote
    Windham, ME

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    Re: I miss my GW Trike and 55 trailer

    Mike it’s not too late to get another one! I’m thinking in five years or so there’s a GW or trike and Mini Mate in my future!

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    Re: I miss my GW Trike and 55 trailer

    I understand your longing. Last weekend I washed, waxed, and prepared my ride for her long winter's nap. I've had a new to me mini-mate just sitting in the garage since late September, but until recently no hitch so I missed getting it out for camping. My wife just shakes her head as I set it up and take it down almost every weekend in the garage, thinking and planning my mods. Ohh well spring is on its way, won't be long now.

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    Re: I miss my GW Trike and 55 trailer

    I found this video.

    Not a Goldwing and not as sharp a paint job as your setup but still worth a look.

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