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Thread: Retirement is the greatest.

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    Retirement is the greatest.

    Hope I don't rub it in too much for you working guys.
    I went to the Mo. Campout last week. Even if I am bike less. LOL
    Then I went to Bikes Blues BBQ in Ar. and I got 3 shirts to prove it. This weekend.
    Rode my Maveric Scooter all over and got a lot of nice things said about it.
    I can't walk miles anymore, so the scooter, made it more fun.
    Might go to Texas this weekend, to the big First Monday in Canton.

    I got my boat in a slip 3 miles away and go fishing when I want. Sometimes
    I think I have it made. 45 years of riding has been great. I still want to ride.
    Maybe I can soon. I just wanted to say, think about what you would do, each
    day, if you did not have to work. I hope you have a plan. I wanted to ride my Trike.
    Travel, meet people, camp and have a good time. I did that for the most part.

    In Oct. hope to make the Tim's Ford Lake Campoout, Meet some others I missed, at the Chill.
    Having places to go, things to do, make it a great, retired and living life.
    Tell your kids you love them, if your mad at them, get over it. Life can change in a day.

    Then I got a chance to build this cabin, I did it, am so proud of the outcome. I hope
    when you get to the end of working. Your dream of what its like, comes true.

    You got a plan ?

    Buttset from MO.

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    Re: Retirement is the greatest.

    good for you ...keep on keepin on...

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    Re: Retirement is the greatest.

    Well said Mike.

    2005 Yamaha RoadStar 1700 * 2006 Neosho Starlight Model 19 Tag-Trailer * 2009 Kompact Kamp Mini-Mate

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    Re: Retirement is the greatest.

    Rubbing it in? No, more like promoting happy anticipation.

    32 days to go for me until the big day. (plus one extra 4 days where I'm helping the new owner of my business compete the transition).
    It'll be a little too late in the year to do much touring here up North, but I'm looking forward to it all the same.

    I got plans.
    I don't need a compass to know which way the wind shines.

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