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Thread: Safety chains

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    Re: Safety chains

    We wrecked in Italy on a GoldWing with a trailer using a standard ball hitch (The trailer was not the problem, it was my fault.). The trailer stayed right side up and attached until it totally jack-knifed and broke the hitch loose where it then rolled to a stop nearby. The bike was on its side when the trailer came loose. The chains held it for a while after the hitch broke but they gave up too.

    Here are pictures.

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    Re: Safety chains

    Quote Originally Posted by lqqk_out View Post
    No safety chains on his tractor led to an "incident" and he only had to serve 21 days in jail!
    Hangings to good for him as he didnt learn the first time for sure . They let him off easy for some reason
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    Re: Safety chains

    I just happen to see this article today. Not motorcycle related, but I'm sure safety chains saved a life here.
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    Pulling trailer with the wrong sized ball, not hooking up the safety chains? NOT AN ACCIDENT!!!

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    Re: Safety chains

    Speaking of chains, I don't think I've posted this before. I had a learning experience. I was extremely lucky. Did a newbie mistake and closed the hitch on top of the ball. My chains had been set up for a car hauling weekend and were too long. The hooks were barely that, opened up quick links which are as useless as string. Left campground without doing a second pull up on the tongue. 5 minutes later the trailer popped off and the tongue hit the ground. Note: at this point if I had put on my brakes the trailer would have gone into the rear wheel. Luckily the hooks let go. Even luckier, there was no traffic coming. Within an hour I had the trailer safely stowed and was able to come up a couple of days later with a new tongue and bring it home to get ready for a trip 10 days after the incident.

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