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Prudhoe Bay Alaska?

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  • Prudhoe Bay Alaska?

    Just curious, anyone ever pulled a camper trailer to Prudhoe Bay with a motorcycle or a trike? Thinking about it for next year.
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    Re: Prudhoe Bay Alaska?

    I have ridden up there twice with my KLR. I have never recommended towing a camper north of Wiseman. But I am sure someone has. The road up to Wiseman is not too bad, they keep improving it. On this years trip with my wife on our 650's we did see a few folks towing north of Wiseman. We did encounter 80 miles of slippery mud due to heavy rains the night before. It was not much fun. The temps ran from a high of 70 north of the pass to 31 in Deadhorse with 30-50 mph winds.
    I would suggest you leave the camper at a lodge in Wiseman or Coldfoot and either do a long day up and back or stay the night at one of the work camp hotels.
    I would not camp within 50 miles of Deadhorse due to weather and the size of the bears! We passed a huge one just off the road. We stopped to take a picture and my KLR stalled. I attempted to get it running. On the second try the bear stopped and turned toward me and I know what it was thinking....Lunch! The bike started on the 4th attempt and I got the heck out of there. We never did get a picture of that one.
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      Re: Prudhoe Bay Alaska?

      I have only gone to the arctic circle and the day we started out it was in great shape but even with the road in what I considered great shape we were using all the road to avoid loose gravel, wash boards and potholes. I couldn't imagine trying to find multiple lines for all the tires to ride on. That would really slow you down in the bad section (which are have signs letting you know it is bad ahead) and then you have to pay attention to the trucks barreling down your backside. On the way back it rained on a section of the road which changed the road into total muck which made the road greasy, having that extra weight behind would make for some white knuckle driving. I have towed a camping trailer before and couldn't imagine trying to take it on the Dalton. I agree with Bigbob and leave your trailer somewhere and take the bike only. I am sure it has been done but just think it wouldn't be enjoyable.


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        Re: Prudhoe Bay Alaska?

        I have to agree with BigBob, I would leave it somewhere and camp in Coldfoot if you don't want to make a long day of it. I've been on the Dalton twice, once in 2009 and we had great weather, so great in fact I got a little full of myself and thought I was 19 again on a dirtbike. Ended up with a bent front wheel after picking the huge pot hole over going head on into the front of a Kenworth I met cresting a hill! Went back in 2015, and rode like I had good sense, well except for the time I had it over 100, because I have to be just like Trailace! Our weather was a mix of rain and sleet at times but luckily we didn't run into any serious construction so we were fine other than a little slipping and sliding along. I wouldn't pull a trailer on it even during perfect weather simply due to how rough the road is. I can just imagine the trailer bouncing along behind through the holes. People have tried to post pics of how rough the road is, but photos don't do it justice. It really is a road for specially equipped tractor trailers hauling supplies to the end of the road. Make sure you have plenty of fuel, you have to consider that you may need to turn around along the way, and you possibly may not have enough fuel to get back!

        Bud and I are going back to AK probably in 2020, and I have another good buddy that I ride with that will be retiring in possibly 2022. He is wanting to go, in fact he has already bought a Honda CB500X for the trip up, and I'm sure he will want to do at least part of the Dalton.

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