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FB are you Kidding Me.

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  • FB are you Kidding Me.

    OK I was holding out to be the last person on Earth to join Face Book.
    But I was on my wife's account. Got hooked on Marketplace, As I found
    things i messaged about my wife's phone is dinging all the time. She said get
    your own FB.
    So had my grandson, Sam set me up. So off I went and people from 2015 I knew
    on another motorcycle board found me. Friend Requests started coming in waves.

    The posts I did not want started loading. So I'm hiding posts, making friends, and
    searching Marketplace. I was overwhelmed.

    Then it happened Box came up and it said I violated community standards ????
    My account will be reviewed...... Kicked off FB in two days.

    I have asked many people about WHAT DID I DO? NO GOOD ANSWERS.

    SO I started new account but scared of doing some thing wrong...
    If you see my picture of me and Sam on the trike, that's my new account.

    Buttset from Mo.

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    My grandson put my birthdate wrong. They thought I was making false profile. lol