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Gas $4 a gallon in Mo.

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  • Gas $4 a gallon in Mo.

    Ok this is the story. 04 Dodge pick up I don't drive much I used
    to haul some lumber. Went to the lumber yard, the loaded it and
    I started to leave. Truck died and would not start. Googled Tow Service.
    I'm thinking fuel pump 30 min. later he shows up. He said try it before I
    load it. I did it almost started. He said sure your not out of Gas?
    Peaked over the steering wheel,.it was not touching empty.

    So two gallons of gas was $73 with service call. LOL
    Lucky I have Farmers Stupid Drivers Road Policy. The wife took
    in the bill in for refund.

    Buttset from Mo.