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How do you feel about your bike?

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  • How do you feel about your bike?

    This is halfthrottle

    this is my klr 650

    Buttset from Mo.

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    Re: How do you feel about your bike?

    I can appreciate his sentiments, I have a bike in that category. I also have a bike that I bought new, put 25000 miles on it touring through other states, and suffer the teasing of my colleagues for putting a cover on it in the hotel parking lot. It's not gone down (yet) and I like to keep it shiny!
    I've got a few others in the works, and each one has it's place on the spectrum. All of them are as mechanically perfect as I can make them, some just need new paint...but I'm having too much fun riding and wrenching to give up the time and money that good paint will take. Maybe, just maybe...the trike will get a new rattle can paint job, next winter... I consider myself lucky to have the problem of "which bike do I feel like riding today?" I don't let anyone else help me determine that.
    1979 Wil-mac trike..."Wilma", '83 goldwing Aspencade
    Teardrop cargo trailer, 04 LL "cycle" model, 08 FXSTC, '76 cb550f


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      Re: How do you feel about your bike?

      This guy makes some fantastic video's, but I wonder who was filming? (wife?) I especially like the comment about bragging to his wife about how much money he'll save on gas and then spending $900 on a jacket.... been there, done that.
      I can also relate to the relationship he has with his bike. I can remember more than once thanking my motorcycle for getting me home safe after a long trip.