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How different are european wings?

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  • How different are european wings?

    A thought hit my head today – through the helmet, between the speakers.

    I was winging my way down the road. Tach 3000 rpm’s, and the speedo reported 70 mph; My Garmin said 66. But who’s counting, ‘cept the Hiway Patrol.

    (Incidentally, when I was a kid in Colorado the Hiway patrol was officially called The Courtesy Patrol. Had it on their doors.)

    But I digress. I was doing 70 at 3000. The speedometer dial goes to 140 which would put the tach a little over the redline at 6000.

    Here’s where the thought process kicks in. On the German Autobahn there are no speed limits. You might have to do 140 just to stay safe. With the chain / belt bikes you could just change a sprocket or two to increase your machine to a safe speed. But with a shaft it would be more difficult. BMW’s sent to America would have no problem because US hiways run slower, as would their motor. But does Honda change the gearing on their GoldWing?

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    As far as I can tell, the GL1800 final drive and transmission ratios are the same for all markets. The ECU has a speed limiter and a RPM limiter as well so 140mph is not attainable. You formerly could send your ECU to Guhl and reprogram the limits but they no longer are able to do that.

    There are several speedometer healers out there that will correct your error.

    There is one guy that sells a rebuilt final drive that will lower engine RPM and effectively cheat the top end speed a little. A speedometer healer will also be necessary with one of these. Probably not recommended if pulling a trailer.
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      Rumor has it…it’ll top out at about 127mph(actual). B.
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        I've driven on the autobahn (same as our interstate) when I was in Germany and there is a speed limit by the way. There are certain sections that you can drive as fast as you want though.
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