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  • Please Tell Me What I Need To Know

    I am debating hauling a camping trailer behind my 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure. The bike has 150 hp and 80 #ft of torque. It weighs just under 550lbs and is a very decent touring bike with a large gas tank and good comfort and wind protection. It has relatively low miles for a 2015 and is PAID FOR. I am set up for tent camping and have decided I might look at a camping trailer.
    Weight and size of a camping trailer?
    Tongue weight?
    Where to source a hitch for a KTM?
    Brands/models that match my Bike?
    Your Thoughts?

    Your input is appreciated as my bike is not a Wing or HD. Safety and having the right tool is important.

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    Re: Please Tell Me What I Need To Know

    I don't know if you've done much Googling of "KTM trailer hitch", but not much comes up. Bike Bandit have a "universal" one.
    There are very few hard and set rules, but generally you don't want to haul a trailer that weighs more than 1/2 the weight of your bike and you. My ST1300 weighs 700 lb. and I add another 240 so my Mini Mate (fully loaded) at 425-450 lb. falls right into the ballpark. The MM empty weighs around 260 lb. Tongue weight should be 10-15% of your full trailer weight. Mine is 60 lb. +/- 2 lb. which puts it at 13%. My hitch from Denray Products is rated at 50 lb. i.e. they warranty it to that weight. It would probably hold to 80 unless one hits one heck of a bump.
    You may have to get a custom hitch made.
    Are you going to stay on pavement? I do short dirt roads.
    Tent trailers start at weights like the Mini Mate, with LeesureLite being then just over 300 lb? and then they get heavier without gear put in them.
    You might want to look at a lighter cargo trailer and up your camping game with a bigger tent, better cooking possibilities and a cot.


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      Re: Please Tell Me What I Need To Know

      I'm with jim, you might want consider a lighter cargo trailer. I started out that way by building my own. The trailer weighed 153, and total load estimated with gear at 220lbs. Pulled well behind a goldwing and would survive the occasional offroad adventure with 12" wheels
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        Cant say I've ever seen a hitch on a KTM.

        I even checked hitchdoc, they make a wide variety, but still nothing;

        Hmmmm, might have to start looking at local metal working shops to make something custom for you?
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          I think with the high center of gravity and 7.5 inch rear suspension travel, putting 40-50 hitch weight from a camper trailer would make for one very unstable ride.
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