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  • The_Bike_Dog

    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet but this is the fellow who purchased my Time-Out.
    The dogs name is Sox and he's very well mannered and I think reincarnated (biker in a past life-dog in this one)! Michael is an extremely nice guy, rented a pick-up, drove 4.5 hours to look at the Time-Out and bought it. With the help of my son-in-law we picked it up and set it in the bed of the truck so he could take it back, do some work on his bike (needs a hitch & wiring) and register it to put tags on it.
    He (Sox) has an Instagram account, YouTube channel and I think other social media venues. Check out his story, it's amazing!
    He is totally a MotoCamper!
    My wife, with complete disregard for her allergies couldn't resist petting Sox and paid for it dearly within a 1/2 hour. But she says he was totally worth it.
    Check out the video, look him up on YouTube, subscribe and follow him.

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    Re: The_Bike_Dog

    Great video.
    Rick B
    NE Oregon
    Freedom Cruisers Riding Club
    Patriot Guard Riderssigpic