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Aspen Classic Camper Dry in the Rain?

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  • Aspen Classic Camper Dry in the Rain?

    I am looking to purchase an Aspen Classic camper. The Aspen Classic looks to be a very nice trailer that is well made and easy to setup and tear down. There have been many threads about the camper and it has received very good reviews. I am wondering how dry it stays inside during the rain ? The large vertical screen windows look very nice for letting in air but how good are the inside zippered panels at keeping the rain out? The last thing I want is to wake up in a pool of water after an all night rain. So I am asking anyone who has an Aspen Classic that has used it in the rain for their experience on how dry it stays inside. Any information would be great.

    Roger L

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    Re: Aspen Classic Camper Dry in the Rain?

    I had one almost 10 years never had a problem. Take a water absorbing rug of somekind to put inside to stop tracking it in.. Dan
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      Re: Aspen Classic Camper Dry in the Rain?

      It is like any other good , aka - not nylon, tent. It has it's limits of course. A 3 day long downpour will overwhelm any tent.

      Do not touch the sides while it is wet.

      I like to use a tent sealer on the seams every couple of years. I also have used a spray sealer on the entire material. Not sure if it really helps or not. It did not hurt. It did discolor it a little. But a smooth and even coverage and it looks normal.

      The only real problem is taking it down in the rain. You will get the bedding wet inside. Not much you can do. You need to set it up when you get home to let it air and dry out. If you are going from camp site to campsite in the rain, no tent will stay dry when folded up wet.

      If your concern is the zippered window covers, they are as good as any other part of the tent. I have never had a zipper leak.
      -- Jeff
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        Re: Aspen Classic Camper Dry in the Rain?

        Thank you for the replies. It is good to know that they do good in the rain. I was a little worried with all of the screening on the sides. Now to keep my eyes open for a used Aspen Classic in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan area.

        Thanks Again
        Roger Lohrey