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Question after First Camping Trip with Aspen Camper

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  • Question after First Camping Trip with Aspen Camper

    Hello All,

    This past weekend I made the first camping trip with the new to me Aspen Classic camper. We stayed at the Hunt's Lodge Motorcycle Campground. The owners were not there but they said to make myself at home. Had a great experience.

    I do have a question. The camper tongue weight was around 65 lbs. Most of the excess was due to the ice chest. The chest is the original one bought with the trailer in 2008, a 36 qt igloo. I was thinking if I get the continental kit and put the spare tire on the rear it would off set the chest weight. Am I on the right track? I was thinking around 45 lbs would be the best. Also I was considering getting a better and somewhat larger ice chest.

    What words of wisdom can you share with me on this. I had no problems pulling it but have read this may be too much weight.

    2008 Aspen Classic
    2007 Honda Gold Wing


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    Re: Question after First Camping Trip with Aspen Camper

    Each trailer / hitch / bike combination will have its own best setting.

    Best bet is to try. Unload the cooler to 50# and try. Then 30#, etc...

    It does sound high. Mine are happy in the 30 range. My RAH gets a tail wag with any less. Too much and it wags on a sudden move.

    PS yes, the tire can offset the cooler. But trailers pull best with load centered, not weights at the extreme ends. Can you forget the spare and adjust your load internally?
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      Re: Question after First Camping Trip with Aspen Camper

      Are you loading your cooler ?? I don't load mine until I get close to camp. I don't carry a spare, just fix- a -flat..
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        Re: Question after First Camping Trip with Aspen Camper

        The spare on my Time Out is under the box, just behind the axle, so it doesn't materially affect the trailer balance much.

        The platform I just fabbed up out of aluminum plate in the front for a new RTIC 45 cooler adds weight, so I moved the propane bottle and jack and wheel chock to the back. So far its scaling out at 35-40 pounds. I've found that it pulls best, with the trike, at 40 pounds or so. Under 30 and the trailer is all over the place.

        Also, I'm going to hang a RotoPaX 3 gallon gas pack in the back, attached to a plate on the rear bow behind the roof top bag. So the propane might need to go back to the front, we'll see. Besides, I'm swapping my little propane tank out for the next size larger. Which should last me for several months of cooking every day.

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          Re: Question after First Camping Trip with Aspen Camper

          Aspen classic since 2009. I have found 36 to40lbs works good. Plug kit,fix a flat and no spare. Never needed any of it 28 lbs trailer tires. Don't load the cooler til you get there.
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