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    Re: Alite 400 Is Not!

    Speaking of tires the Alite we looked at had the original tires on it and this was a 2004 model and so was the date codes on the tires! The owner put new tires on before we got there. We would have been very lucky to have made it back home the 200+ miles on the 70+ mph Interstate with those tires! He said they looked great on the outside with lots of tread but when he changed them (himself) he said they were indeed dry rotted!
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      Re: Alite 400 Is Not!

      Originally posted by BigBob View Post
      What TPMS unit do you have? I have been thinking of one that would work for the bike and trailer, I know my wing has the stock unit but it would be nice to see pressure at a glance.
      I am using an Orange TPMS on the bike. Internal sensors and dash mounted display mean it's always there, always on and always working. Kind of hard for anyone to steal the sensors too, they are protected from the elements and they get really accurate readings. I wanted to use a second one for my trailer but I couldn't get the sensors to mount up in a wheel.

      So I picked up a FOBO kit on a group deal. You use your phone for the display. Sensors are external to the tire, recommend you fit metal valve stems. Nice part is the battery is easy to change and I don't go on long rides without the phone. (Phone is GPS, my music source and now my TPMS)

      I bought four sensors thinking I was going to dump my Orange unit, but they dropped prices on the replacement sensors and have a new distributor in the country. I will keep it in play for now.

      Leaves me with enough units I can do both of my trailers and not have to swap parts. Or like now, I have both the Orange internal system on thr bike and the FOBO external system on yhe bike. Head to head, err.. tire to tire comparison

      Originally posted by BigBob View Post
      I attached a photo of my buddy's tire. We were puzzled what caused the bald spot,
      First I was thinking it's classic unbalanced tire, but with so much deep tread I find that hard to believe. Unless it was REALLY unbalanced.
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