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what kind of moto-camper

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  • what kind of moto-camper

    I see about 10 years ago there was a poll on this. This was interesting to me because last week I was away camping for 5 days and took my wing out on a gravel road to get to the campsite I wanted to stay at. I also visited another campsite in the area. All totaled I drove about 75Km's on a gravel road. It got me thinking how many do this? For those that do I was curious as to what kind of tires you run. Is one better for non-pavement than others?

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    Re: what kind of moto-camper

    What wing model?
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      Re: what kind of moto-camper

      2012 Wing with 95,000 miles
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        Re: what kind of moto-camper

        For a Wing I myself don't no of many tires that are made for dirt /gravel roads. My 05' just turned 87,000 miles. I have tried bridgestones and Dunlop's favoring the Dunlop Elite III's. I don't go looking for dirt/gravel roads but have done many to get to a particular destination. Most campgrounds I frequent once inside are gravel and have never had a problem.
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          Re: what kind of moto-camper

          Car tire works well on gravel roads.
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            Re: what kind of moto-camper

            I camped at a few places last year that were gravel and dirt/sand roads. I pull a trailer but not a camper/trailer. I had no problems with the gravel, its the sandy roads that I don't care for. The campground I was at in Custer, SD I had to go around the office 180 degree turn then go down a fairly steep hill, probably about 45 or 50 degree, then make another turn to get to my campsite...all on gravel. After 3 weeks of in and out of there I had no fears of gravel or dirt roads. I also have a car tire on my VTX 1800 N.


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              Re: what kind of moto-camper

              I run Dunlop E-3s on my FXR, I live on gravel. They seem to combine good traction on pavement, but don't get too much damage from rocks and gravel.


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                Re: what kind of moto-camper

                Double dark works very good on gravel. A thick layer of rubber to protect from puncture spreading the weight out over a larger area to offer stability and not digging in.
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                  Re: what kind of moto-camper

                  My Metzeler ME880s got me safely across Labrador a couple years ago. I was pulling my UniGo behind my 2001 Goldwing GL1800A. No problems across many km of rough roads.


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                    Re: what kind of moto-camper

                    I use Metzeler Tourances on my V-Strom and they work fine on gravel. On my Road King I have used ME880s and Avon tires in the past. I guess I ride on gravel enough that I don't notice.

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                      Re: what kind of moto-camper

                      My wing has done some gravel roads.

                      MY Trike has never had a problem.


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                        Re: what kind of moto-camper

                        I'm camped right now in a county park with sand/dirt roads and washboard into the park camping area.

                        Before, on my 2-wheeler, it would have been hell getting to site. With trike, what dirt road? Its wide enough, lets go.
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