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Up loading photos on the road

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    Re: Up loading photos on the road

    OK .... here's a very small example of how much IrfanView compresses the original file size for uploading.
    I open all my photos that I uploaded to my Netbook with it , process/crop my photos and save them in the original file, but with a different file name (usually I add - 1 after the original file name), so this preserves the original photo

    Here are the number stats of the original file (3000 x 4000 pixels and over 5 mg in size) ......

    After I save it (at approx 50%) and resize it, the new size is 1024 x 768 pixels (these photos I'm posting here are sized to 800 x 680 Pixels {I usually post photos here at the 640 420 size}) and the file size has shrunk to just 143 KB!!!

    For the purposes of posting on the web to a forum such as here, the reduced file size has no discernible loss of picture quality, as you can see below. .......

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      Re: Up loading photos on the road

      I've been using my Galaxy phone more as a camera lately in a LifeProof case for travel pics, there is plenty of storage and you can use a large capacity SD card too. I like using smugmug for hosting and they have an easy to use up loader app. If I want a better pic or a low light shot I pull out my little water proof rugged point and shoot Panasonic Lumix which has a good quality and quick sensor in it. And it does have some manual settings to play with. Then I can bluetooth over the phone or swap a SD card for uploading.

      Reduce the quality for phone pics, in my case there is no need to shoot large formats on the phone for internet use. I'm on the Verizon network, it uploads fairly well and switches to wifi when I can get it. Upload pics all along, don't wait till there is a large amount. I upload as I ride with the phone in the tank bag. There are cameras that will sync with your smart phone. I have carried my professional grade big cameras, but most of the time its a waste of room because I use the auto modes anyway and don't need the shutter speed taking snaps along the road. Its amazing what quality a modern smart phone can give, not far off from a good rugged camera. With my Galaxy its so easy to use apps and keep pics uploaded and even edited on the go. I use a large screen version, its a S model with a 5" or so screen. Don't feel the need to carry my tablet with the big phone.

      Here is a phone pic I took a couple days ago in very bright sunlight on auto mode:

      And a low light pic taken last fall at almost dark when it was a bit foggy, the worst conditions for the phone in scenic fall colors mode:

      Good enough for my needs, not great shots but they get the job done for internet use.