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Ever think about living in another county like Panama

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  • Ever think about living in another county like Panama

    I'm not sure I would live there all the time, but it sounds interesting.
    Maybe like a snowbird, and spend the winter. I have read all about. Ask Me. lol

    Panama uses the US dollar and has since the 40's. It is about a 2 hr. fight from
    Houston, and about $500 or more round trip airfare. Panama City is hot and humid.
    Boquette, Panama, in the western part of the country, has about 20K people. 3-5
    thousand of the people are from US and Canada. These ex-pats come mostly for the
    weather. You see Boquette is in the moutains, 3000ft I think and the temps are 75*
    most days, and 60's at night. 365 days a year. Houses don't have heat or air. Don't
    need it. Gas for hot water, and cooking is about $5 a month, Electric $20, and one
    lady frin Mich. on YouTube said water was $56 for the year. She said when I tell them
    back home they think I must be lying.
    So I think I might go for a visit, been reading about it for 3 years. E-mailed some who
    live there. Ask all kinds of questions, elect. is 110 like home. You can even see rentals
    on CL. LOL Some nice places rent for 5-6-7 hundred a month. Some include everything.
    All utilities, internet,cable. So I might go for a month or two. All say never just move here,
    come stay see if its for you. I think because of all the US and Canada, people, some things
    cost more than in the rest of the country. David is 45 min. away, and its 80K people. With
    McD's KFC Costco Target, and all the major stores. So that is nice.
    In Boquette haircut is $3, lunch $3-5, Taxi $1 Bus to David $1.25. Both oceans, 90 min.
    away. They have a Pensioner Visa,if you can show permanebt income of maybe $1000 a month.
    If you get that its good for 30% off theater, food, bus, some hotels and Air Travel.
    One man said he went to the DMV and after they let everyone in, they asked who was retired?
    They went first. OOOOOO Some place they give Seniors some good perks.

    Winter here in Mo. gives me too much time on my hands and I like to read the internet. Amazing
    What you can find.. Some sites say this is paradise. But not for everyone, its laid back, but I did find
    there was a motorcycle group rides every Sunday. lol but to take my Trike might cost too much...

    anyway just thought you might find this interesting... go read yourself here is a Map.

    Boquette is near David and Volcan

    Buttset form Mo.

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    Re: Ever think about living in another county like Panama

    Any information about the availability of Quality Medical Care?
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      Re: Ever think about living in another county like Panama

      Never really thought about it. I have too many good friends, family, relatives, acquaintances, business partners, etc to move away. I find these things more important then some other geographic location.
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        Re: Ever think about living in another county like Panama

        Medical care is a often talked about thing. I know one lady said they bought coverage
        at the hospital, including cancer coverage for $900 a year for the two of them.

        Now I think the most well equiped Medical Hospital is in David, and with new highway
        it is 30-40 min away, Boquette is a small town of 15-20K people. but many people
        living in US and not in big City might be a similar distance from EM care.

        MOST say you would want to keep Medicare in the US and be able to return if you wanted.
        I can find you some info. But its a hot topic, and the 1st thought of some.
        If you were to visit you have to have a round trip ticket, and US drivers Lic, like to rent and drive
        a car is only good for 90 days. If you stay longer like a 6 month snow bird, Some drive to the border
        of Costa R. cloest by. Get stamped out of Pamana stay 24 hrs or 6 depending on the border guard. lol
        and then return into Panama, and your New again. LOL seems many younger , US people do this.
        Maybe every 180 days now I am questioning my

        I will send you a forum from there. It covers every thing and it has topics about sending container
        of your stuff, pension Visa, every doc has to be submitted in spanish, you have to have a FBI backround
        check. To live there is more complicated than one might think, some have just sold everything
        and moved there, then try to buy a house, because they have the money. IT can be a disaster in the
        end. Everyone says come stay as long as you can, see if this is for you. talk to some here find out what they think.

        My personal feeling reading stuff for 3 years, Some of us American's feel why don't they do things like the US. Why
        doesn't the girl at the food store, speak english. Why when the cable guy said 3pm Tues. did he come Wed. lol
        its a different country your a guest, they don't need or want to bend to your wishes, and I think 3k ex-pats in one
        place has made a big inprint on this town.... most for the good, but some of us are rude, petty, and demanding. lol lol

        Some lie and say all you need is $800 a month. Some want to sell you property or house
        $800 if thats all, not enough to live great $2500 you can live like a rich Man. maid, gardner $20 a day.
        rent $250K home for $1000


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          Re: Ever think about living in another county like Panama

          Here is a guy riding a motorcycle KLH 650 I think. Around Boquette Panama.

          He tells you some things about the city, as he rides.

          This guy has many videos of him riding and telling stories of Panama, His wife is a Dr. I think at a David, Hospital, 40 miles from Boquette.
          They are worth checking out. He rides some back roads and tells a lot of stories. I like him alot.

          This video he tells of the benifits of being retired in Panama. He finds a back road wow.

          One video he was looking for a water fall. He got his bike stuck. Walked to find it. Ask locals, got bad directions, lol finally finds two men walking
          one has Machette Knife (long knife) other man had 10 ft of rope. He in his limited spanish asked where is the waterfall? they said follow us. lol
          So on video, he says ok I'm following two men, into the jungle ,lol, Well they found the waterfall, and no harm came to Would You Do That?

          LOL LOL
          Buttset from Mo


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            Re: Ever think about living in another county like Panama

            There are many "American Colonies" in Mexico and South America. We investigated Belize (English Speaking, Financial Center) but opted not to move.
            Moving closer to the equator will definitely make your SS check stretch further.
            Many people live very well south of the border.



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              Re: Ever think about living in another county like Panama

              I'd love to live in a place like that, but an island (even a big one) would get old fast for me. YMMV.

              Also, I need to be close to a VA Medical Center, so anyplace I move has to have one. When I finally get to move south, I'm going to make sure I'm within an hour or hour and a half of a VAMC. Which will limit me, but thats the way it goes.
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