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Illini State Park 2660 E 2350th Rd, Marseilles, IL 61341

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  • Illini State Park 2660 E 2350th Rd, Marseilles, IL 61341

    Short notice since there won't be a Northwoods Campout this year I'm going camping here. Anyone that wants to join that would be great. This area is a motorcycle destination area along the Illinois river with lots of sites to see. Lot of nice riding in this area Little bit of a ride to get too but worth it. Also Pontiac car museum close by.

    Lots of motorcycle friendly restaurants in the area.

    I will be booking a site (Reserve America) Whitetail Loop 4. Probably site 90 91 92 or 93 this coming week, think sharing a site will be OK.


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    Re: Illini State Park 2660 E 2350th Rd, Marseilles, IL 61341

    Some few years ago...I stayed at this campground... Very pleasant place...I do not remember site # I had... but it was at very east end of campground... had large oak trees for wonderful shade & was last east campsite adjacent to the city park just on other side of concrete boundary posts separating the city park east of Illini State Park ...police ran out some rowdies in city park around midnight after their park closing time of 10pm...woke me up as police used loud speakers to command rowdies to leave park... also, unless you have camped there before(as I had not)... the city water has a VERY BAD sulfur (rotten eggs smell) & taste... made showers & drinking a challenge!... one lasting memory was also while in the finally quiet time around 2AM...on my tent trek to restrooms I heard the shrieking scream of what sounded like a young woman screaming her final cries from some horrible event that was happening to her... almost banged on the host camper's trailer to report such chilling cries from the forest south of campground... then, I calmed myself into thinking that I had just heard the wild scream of the elusive wildcats that are nocturnally active in that Illinois River region(at least that's what I told myself)!... Be sure to take plenty of bottled water & run facets quite a spell to get the sulfur smell out of the local hydrants!!!... Oh, almost forgot to mention that there was a LOUD industrial sound of scraping/banging/grinding all through the night coming from north across river!... was a challenge to get to sleep with all that noise sounding like a junkyard scraping metal junk onto barges all night long! From my little 2 man tent!... hope this gives you some useful info...I still liked the campground, though,... even with challenges... was nice to stroll over to city park & get refreshing ice-cream from city park concession stand!...YUM!
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