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Thread: Finally! Harbor Freight Tag Along Trailer!

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    Re: Finally! Harbor Freight Tag Along Trailer!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hog Wild View Post
    I had one of the HF Tagalongs that I pulled several thousand trouble free miles before I got rear ended while pulling it. I added a light bar I made from a piece of aluminum plate and added LED lights. I also added a cooler rack I made from a fold up camp grill I got from Walmart. I removed the fold up legs and turned it upside down and mounted it to the tongueAttachment 15992

    Good job on the building info. I think the Tagalong is the best bang for the buck.
    Howdy Hog Wild, So sorry to hear that you was rear ended while towing your little H/F trailer.
    Hope you wasnt hurt to bad, and hope you made the person that hit ya pay for what they done.
    I sure would of. Anyway, I to have a H/F trailer, and when I started adding lights to the rear
    end of it, Some tell me I went a bit to far. As I see it, I didnt over do it. I want to make the rear
    end of my trailer seen, and I'm pretty sure I did. If ya like to see lights I have on the rear of
    my trailer, check out the link. Take care, and safe rides always.....

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    Re: Finally! Harbor Freight Tag Along Trailer!

    Quote Originally Posted by mcgovern61 View Post
    Nice job!! I like the matching hubcaps!
    The wheel covers I couldnt live without... When I seen em I placed an order for
    em, and when they got here, The bearing grease hub cap stuck out just a tad
    bit to far, So I rattled my brain a bit and YES ! Came up with a great plan. I took
    a hole saw and centered it in the middle of the wheel cover and cut a hole through
    it. The grease bearing hub cap slid right through it, and the wheel cover snapped in
    place. I will get some chrome spray paint and paint the hub's cap so it will kinda match
    the wheel covers. If your interested in the wheel covers, I'm giving ya a link so you can
    check some out. These folks are great to deal with, they ship very fast. and they have
    lots of wheel covers to chose from. Now the main reason that I went through what I did
    in order to make my covers fit the trailers wheels, Was because they matched the trike
    kit's wheels. By the way, That trike kit I can remove from my bike in less that 10 min, and
    be back of two wheels. Some folks call em training wheels, and poke fun at those that use em,
    It's a dang shame because those that are so rude to do so, they have no idea of what it's
    like to lose the full use of a leg, or the knees are going bad. In my case, Bad knee that I hardly
    ever trust..... Sorry fer gettin off track there.... Check out the link if ya like... Safe Rides Always

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    Re: Finally! Harbor Freight Tag Along Trailer!

    So, apparently the lighting on the HF trailers does not meet US Highway standards and there was a recall for my trailer lighting. I sent the form back and they sent a brand new LED trailer lighting kit with full wire harness!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Finally! Harbor Freight Tag Along Trailer!

    Hmmmm? I ned to look into that recall! TY for the info MC.

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    Re: Finally! Harbor Freight Tag Along Trailer!

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