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Thread: Dutch Oven Cooking

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    Re: Dutch Oven Cooking

    while we are sorting out the summers great recipes, here is the link to another Dutch oven cookbook pdf file, this one was published by the Iowa State Univ..

    and here is another one Campfire Cooking 1100 recipes for campfire, stove or dutch oven
    it is on the site:

    and also.... 500+ camping recipes

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    Re: Dutch Oven Cooking

    I've camped with my sons (not on bikes) and used dutch ovens and really enjoyed using them. Never tried to use one while camping with the bike because of the weight. Do you use smaller ones or are there lighter ones? I think I remember seeing aluminum ones advertised.

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    Re: Dutch Oven Cooking

    Willie the folks that use Dutch ovens while Moto Camping are usually trailer pullers.

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    Re: Dutch Oven Cooking

    Thank for your suggestions and I've found some great recipes there.
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