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Thread: Another checklist post "how to make the list"

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    Another checklist post "how to make the list"

    Another checklist post but it’s not about what to put on the list but rather how to make the list. I have kept an evolving Master Packlist for many years. I guess for about 20 years it's been a Word document. The checklist contains every item I have used or might use on all sorts of outdoor trips, bike trips, car camping, canoeing, backpacking, hunting, fishing. If I upgrade something or get something new I just add it to the Master Packlist and delete the things I don’t have anymore.

    How to use it: open the Master Packlist, delete in blocks and individually everything that you won't be taking on this trip, if there is any doubt leave it on the list. In just a few minutes the remaining items are the complete list of things you will take. For me it is foolproof, bombproof, 100% reliable, I KNOW I will have what I need. Title and save the list with the name of the trip (i.e. packlist motorcycle alaska 2011.doc) and print it out.

    Each item has a square box next to it, when I pull an item for packing I put a single diagonal slash in the box "/". I get everything laid out and when I actually pack the item it gets a slash in the other direction making an "X" in the box. Before I leave I need to see an X in every box. At the end of the list there are empty boxes with nothing next to them, this is in case I think of something new not on the Master Packlist or I deleted it while creating the new list and later changed my mind to keep it. I write it in by hand on the printed list and if necessary add it to the Master Packlist doc for future lists. If I decide later not to take something on the list I just put a line through the item.

    1. Create a Master Packlist of all things possible.
    2. Delete items not used for this trip.
    3. Title and save the reduced list with the name of this trip, print list.
    4. As items are gathered mark each box with a single diagonal slash /.
    5. Pack items and complete the box with another slash making an X.

    If anyone would like a sample copy of this as a template to modify for your own items just pm me.

    First page sample of my Master Packlist, total of 3 1/2 pages:

    Sample final list of items to be taken showing what items have been gathered and laid out, list of all items is now down to 1 page:

    Sample of completed list showing all items are packed and ready to go. I'm ready to leave!
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    Re: Another checklist post "how to make the list"

    That's a nice system you got there.
    I purloined something similar from H Marc Lewis
    about ten years ago. The ability to edit the
    list to specific trips is very handy.

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    Re: Another checklist post "how to make the list"

    Looks a lot like the one I use

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    Re: Another checklist post "how to make the list"

    The list on the micapeak site is from H Marc Lewis.
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