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Thread: Trip routing! What do you use?

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    Re: Trip routing! What do you use?

    Quote Originally Posted by menhir View Post
    My questions:
    Automatic: Will the device automatically recalculate to the next or last way/via point I programmed in, or recalculate the remainder of the trip regardless of the route I created?
    Off: What will the device to if I get off course?
    Prompted: I suppose my choice of this mode would depend on the answer to the two questions above. :-)
    Automatic will recalculate the route to the next way/via point on the route. This may (and more than likely) change your intended route if your settings on Basecamp and on your GPS device are different. For instance, you may have different avoidance's setup on Basecamp (ie avoid Interstates) and you may not have that setting on your GPS device. You may have setup your route with the "curvy roads" option on Basecamp, but on your GPS device you have it setup to use "Faster time". Basically, your navigation options settings maybe different in Basecamp and your GPS device.

    If re-calculate is set to OFF, the GPS won't do anything if you get off-route. You need to manually navigate back onto the route yourself. You should still be able to see the purple route line on the screen. You can touch the screen and move the map. You can also zoom in or out. If you can't figure out a way back onto the route, just find the route, click on the place on the route where you want to navigate to, and hit go and the GPS should navigate you back to the route. When you get to that point, you will need to restart the route again and the GPS should realize you are already on the route and continue to provide instructions from where you are to the end of the route.

    It's a bit confusing, but once you do it a few times, it will make sense.

    > In any case, I would often get prompted to recalculate any saved custom routes when I turned the device on, even before I selected a route or a destination. Is this normal?
    I think this is due to a difference between the map that was used to generate the route and the map loaded on your GPS device.
    Try this:
    Attach the GPS to the computer and via Basecamp, click on the route on the sd card on the GPS and use the recalculate route option. You'll then need to delete the route loaded on the internal memory of the GPS and re-import and the route you just re-calculated.

    If the map version on Basecamp is different from the map version on the GPS, either update them so they are the same, or make sure when you are using Basecamp to recalculate the route on the GPS, you tell Basecamp (under the Map option) to use the Map from the GPS device.
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    Re: Trip routing! What do you use?

    Thanks for the help...

    Just to be sure, as per my original post...I'm not using Basecamp anymore and haven't for a long time. The issues I have with the device are not related to Basecamp or MapSource. I'm convinced that there are some problems with Garmin's routing engine.

    Today I made a trip from my home to a rally on the Lake Erie shore, a trip that I've made many times before over the years. I don't even need the GPS because it's always routed me the exact same way each time. I just keep it on in the case of a detour or a road closure I may need to get around. This time, far along the route, the GPS directed me a different way than ever before...both coming and going. No changes to my avoidances, no changes to local roads, it just took me off the highway and exit earlier than usual along different route. I followed it anyway because I was in no hurry and wanted to see if there was a particular just decided to do something different this time. Go figure.

    And sure enought, even before I got home to read your response, there was an closure. I had the re-calculate set to OFF and quickly realized that I was going to have to find my own way around it. I did, and after I got home I set the re-calculate back to AUTO.
    Another lesson learned. :-D

    PS: I don't want to derail this topic. I'm not even looking for a solution anymore...just reporting. Anyway, it still got me there. :-)

    I'm still good with recommending the CoPilot GPS app. :-D
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    Re: Trip routing! What do you use?

    Quote Originally Posted by menhir View Post
    PS: I don't want to derail this topic. I'm not even looking for a solution anymore...just reporting. Anyway, it still got me there. :-)
    If you are still curious, start a new topic or send me a private message. I could enter the same route on my GPS to compare the generated route with yours.

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    Re: Trip routing! What do you use?

    Once I had two GPS devices.

    I asked another biker at the gas station. LOL


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    Re: Trip routing! What do you use?

    I've never heard anyone mention the Sygic app before but it has always worked very well for me. All that's needed is a smart phone. You pay a one time fee for the app for around $20. Includes distance to nearest gas station, closest restaurant, points of interest etc. The best part about the app is that you don't need a GPS signal. After purchasing the app, you decide which states to download on your phone. You can also customize your routes if you like to stay off the busy highways.

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    Re: Trip routing! What do you use?

    Google maps then I posted to Google sheets and then I email it to myself when I’m ready to start the route I open the email open the map and start the route each leg you need to tap to start

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