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Thread: Alaska Motocampers Space Available

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    Alaska Motocampers Space Available

    The purpose of this thread is to notify other Motocampers Forum members that you have space available at your location where they can camp or stay when they are traveling. All arrangements are to be made via private messaging (PM) between the parties involved.

    Please do not post your questions or requests for information in this thread but instead private message the party involved!

    Below is the minimum information you will need to post in your response to this message indicating you have space/room available.
    1) State accommodation is located in
    2) City/Town of accommodation (or the town/city closest to you)
    3) Type of accommodation (tent space, trailer space, spare bedroom)
    4) Facilities available (outhouse, inside plumbing, closest tree)
    5) Is potable water available
    6) You are free to add any other data you feel might be helpful.

    Please obtain any other information you feel in pertinent via PM. That could be pet free/smoke free environment? Open fire for cooking? Gravel/rough driveway? Arrival date? Departure Date? How many traveling in the party?

    Please do NOT chatter in this thread as it is intended only for people to find an accommodation and then speak directly to the forum member via PM. If you have something positive/negative to share, you can do that under the campsite review area.

    If you PM someone and they do not respond to you, then it is safe to assume that they are no longer active on the Motocampers or no longer wish to participate. In that case, choose another location to stay at. The information in this thread is not maintained or administrated by Motorcampers Forums but instead it is up to the individuals posting the information to ensure its accuracy.

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    Re: Alaska Motocampers Space Available

    Wasilla Alaska
    Tent space, trailer space, have an old pickup camper to stay in too.
    Closest Tree , inside plumbing when we are home.
    Potable water, electric and sewer dump
    Shop with bike lift and tools

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    Re: Alaska Motocampers Space Available

    Delta Junction Alaska
    Tent Space, Trailer Space
    Closest Tree, Inside Plumbing when we are Home
    Potable Water and Electric (20 Amp)
    Garage with some tools
    River Boat for Fishing when we go room for 2-3

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