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Thread: Camp table/organizer

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    Re: Camp table/organizer

    That's sweet.... When I update to the RAH from the Mini Mate, I'll have to start updating the old stuff.
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    Re: Camp table/organizer

    Quote Originally Posted by LarryinSeattle View Post
    I really like your kitchen Dosko Campmate hanging on your kitchen organizer. I see them for sale used from time to time and I always miss out.
    You can barely see it in the photo, but I have a set of L brackets holding the Campmate up in the back of the trailer. We had just gotten the thing (after I looked for months and did a lot of finangling to get it) and took it on our first trip (nearby at an RV park for a family reunion). We were about 5 miles from the house, when a guy pulled even with us and told us there was a loose strap. I pulled over to the side of the road and asked my wife to go back and tighten it up. She came back and said the Campmate was gone. We hustled back the way we came, and our daughter called and said she saw it on the side of the road about a half mile from our house - it had bounced loose over the railroad tracks. That's when I came up with the brackets for additional support.

    Quote Originally Posted by G wizz View Post
    See no reason you couldn't make something similar to that camp kitchen out of lightweight plywood ...
    It would be easy to do and would look a whole bunch better than a plastic one. You could build it to fit your needs, and the things you want to store in it, instead of having to settle for a generic 'one size fits all' overpriced plastic box.
    I really thought about doing that, and even looked at some plans. None of them were what I really wanted, and I'm not enough of a woodworker to redesign them. The main reason I was looking was because I couldn't the Campmate at a price I was willing to pay. Those things originally retailed for around $70, and some folks bought them as cheaply as $30 on sale. Now, you're lucky if you find one for under $150. I've seen them go on eBay for over $300 for those in "new" shape!!

    Quote Originally Posted by LarryinSeattle View Post
    These Campmates are very durable, they clean up and new they were over $250 and many owners swear by them. It swallows up your camp stove inside for travel and the top works as a kitchen sink.
    In my story posted above, the Campmate fell off the trailer, and it was fully loaded (stove inside, pots & pans, plates, silverware, spices, etc). It ended up with one pretty deep gouge in one corner, that didn't go all the way through. I really don't think I could have built something tougher that weighs what this weighs. It's not normal plastic, very thick and sturdy, but still reasonably light.

    Quote Originally Posted by LarryinSeattle View Post
    Well I just spent $100 on this one. Found it on Craigslist. Good to go. Came with a cast iron frying pan, a cast iron griddle and misc. stuff. They bought a motorhome and this became obsolete for them.
    Glad you found one!! And that's a heck of a price. I came out a little less than that, but it was luck on my part. I really wanted a blue one, but couldn't find one in a price I wanted. I finally settled on a green one that was (I think) about $150, but it was virtually new! I paid $40 shipping, so it was $190. Then... about a week later, I found a blue one for much less that had everything but the plates, and it was (almost) local, so no shipping. I got that one, put my other up on eBay, and it went for $210. After all the wheeling and dealing was done, I was out less than $100. Since we bring the "kitchen sink" with us, we use the lid to catch grey water from the sink. The box does make a nice stand for the stove, but we don't use it for that since with have the big kitchen set up. It fits pretty nicely on top, with a couple small bungies giving it support to hold up the ends. We close it up at night and bring it inside to keep the raccoons away from it.

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    Re: Camp table/organizer

    Nice write up HP. I too have seen them advertised for $250 or more.

    I like different options for different camping trips, but I can see how this organizer could become one of those "always take along" things. I see it on top of my kitchen stove holder and my stove on top of it. The big top will probably become my garbage bag and recycling center. What about the Jet Boil??? that is another option!

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