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Thread: Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground - Milton PA

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    Re: Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground - Milton PA

    Quote Originally Posted by lytle1gw View Post
    Yep but the flyer says the mc could deny entry for anyone for any reason, cg owners should not let a mc have control of their cg. Just my opinion.
    Great catch and good point!
    No business should ever let a renter/group/organization take full control of their business. That basically endangers any future business prospects, from all they know the business turned away could have more than doubled what they took in that weekend or more! Hell Sturgis' first year had less than 2 dozen attendees and look at it now.
    In most cases business suicide happens when someone who risks nothing tells you what to do, and you listen.

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    Re: Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground - Milton PA

    Quote Originally Posted by lytle1gw View Post
    Yep but the flyer says the mc could deny entry for anyone for any reason, cg owners should not let a mc have control of their cg. Just my opinion.
    Mine too.

    I have ridden by here several time but never needed to stop. My Dad's deer camp is about 40 miles away so I always have a bed there when I want one.
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    Re: Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground - Milton PA

    I had a bad experience here, coming back from our National Park Tour. Place was a mess, owners we're absent, and whoever was in charge would not accommodate us with the hammocks, oh and the ladies room was out of order. So we ended up getting a room down the road. Our only room in the past 5 years of camping.
    Then when we came home, I called the owner to complain, he was a total dick about it. I told him I didn't call to argue with him, just to let him know about our experience since he wasn't there. He calmed down a little bit but I don't think he really cared.
    And, NO I would never go back, I've been to many m/c campgrounds to know this place is a ****hole.

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    Re: Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground - Milton PA

    Hi all:
    As one of the owners of the campground, we do want to reply and respond. As to the campground being a mess, I am not sure when you visited. I know that the year Bob (my hubby) was out of commission with a torn meniscus, the landscaping was just too tough for him to keep up. But as the owner he is always there, so I have no idea who you spoke to, but it wasn't my very friendly husband, Bob. (See other reviews on this thread - they tell you how great Bob is.) I really am wondering if it was even our place - Bob lives on the grounds, so it really confuses me that you say he was not there. I know that some of the gps systems lead people to the campground up the road. So, this comment is hard to respond to since it just does not sound like our place and Bob does live there. The only time he is gone is to run errands.

    As to the club taking over the campground in 2014 - it was a mis-communication with them and they should not have turned anyone away. It is a large event for them and we were happy to have them in the campground. However, we have already explained to them that the arrangements will be handled differently next year. We do apologize to the gentleman who was turned away.

    Yes, we do allow drinking at the campground and we have a lot of groups that come in because it is a relaxed friendly atmosphere. We try to wind it down by about midnight, but as was accurately reported, sometimes it does go later. (If you come on a quiet weekend - which we do have -your experience would be different). We have about 5-7 weekends a year where large riding groups have their annual party or event here. They are a big part of our business and feel welcome here so they can "let their hair down." Yup - on those weekends, they stay up late enjoying themselves. But it is a safe environment - just may be noisy. If you want a quieter spot, ask Bob, he will tell you where to set up to be further away from the groups. Or you may want to come on another weekend.

    We are pretty honest about allowing drinking, so, if that isn't your choice, we may not be a good fit for you. There are a lot of campgrounds that don't allow drinking and very few that do. Also, many of our seasonal campers work night shift. So 7 am is their after work drinking. So, if you want a "no drinking" campground, that is not us.

    Bob works hard to keep the place clean, neat, and well-kept. I would let my mother and sister-in-law use the bathrooms. Very clean. We have a great campfire on the weekends at the Wok or you can have your own at your campsite. Everyone is welcome here and we go out of our way to share some of the great rides and local attractions (including the Bill's Old Bike Barn nearby).

    Our campground may not be everyone's cup of tea. And we are located on the banks of the river and next to a road. So, it is accurate that we are not an "out of the way" campground. We know that the experience we offer is unique. And we understand that our experience may not appeal to everyone. We want to be sure that the reviews reflect accurately who and what we are. We apologize to anyone who has had a bad experience but those are - by far - few - as long as you come knowing what to expect.

    If you want quiet and peaceful, ask us if it is a group weekend. If it is, it probably won't be quiet. The next weekend may be very peaceful (other than road noise which we cannot control). But if you camp down on the river, that will be far away from you. So, just ask. We are honest about what we offer and a lot of people have a great time here. Thanks, Diane (and Bob)

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    Re: Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground - Milton PA

    Quote Originally Posted by kaitiff View Post
    I guess I'm on the other end of the stick, I like to have fun sometimes when we go camping. That wouldn't have bothered me or my wife in the slightest. Going to raucous rally's is kinda why we got started camping.
    Wouldn't have bothered me a bit either!

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    Re: Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground - Milton PA

    I've camped there lots of times, never a big problem. Yes, it's an ADULT campground, not for everybody. There are places I wouldn't want to stay either, everybody has their preferences.

    Note: There are two threads on this campground, the other one is here on this site.
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