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Thread: Anti-dive GL1800

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    Exclamation Anti-dive GL1800

    how you doing guys, I need help with my GL1800, i'm coming to a stop and my bike is diving a little, it was not doing that before. What do you think it is: the plunger at the fork or the internal anti-dive in the fork.

    Comments will be very appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Anti-dive GL1800

    It's more than likely that your anti dive in the left fork is stuck. How long has it been since you changed the fork oil? This is a common problem with the anti dive valve on the GL1800. I have mine disconnected but I have stiffer springs in the front of my bike and I clean and change the front fork oil every couple of years. There is a lot of discussion about this on the GL1800 riders forum. Check it out.

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    Re: Anti-dive GL1800

    It sounds more like springs have weakened. Generally, if your AD has issues, it's locking the front forks and making your ride harsher. How many miles since the springs were new?


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