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Thread: Two Wheels of Suches

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    Re: Two Wheels of Suches

    Its popular, about 30 or so bikes out front and a number of tents and bikes out back. I saw about a hundred bikes parked around Suches yesterday. The Two Wheels parking area was almost completely full Friday at 6pm. But, plenty of camping spots to go around. I haven't camped there myself, I live within 150 miles or so. Hard to beat the place if you want to socialize with other riders.

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    Re: Two Wheels of Suches

    The new owners put a ton of money and hard work into the place. It looks as if could be a Disney property. The entire front driveway and parking lot is now concrete. They also have the property just south of the lodge as overflow parking for cars, truck and trailers if needed. A nice aluminum walking bridge crosses the creek. Camping areas are spotless, brand new bath house, eight camping cabins if you desire and the food is amazing at a very reasonable price. When you are there, they make you feel as if you are home.............. Oh, and the local riding loops in the area are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Two Wheels of Suches

    If Two is ever full. Ask me I know another place close. I never got to stay at, the old place. Took a few pictures, when it was closed.
    I almost bought two acres up on 180. I live in Mo. but I have been there in that area a dozen times. Great area to ride. and I would
    buy a place, in Ga. if I could talk the wife into

    check out Dahlonega Ga. 19 miles away from Suches, check out the Gold Museum, and see the film upstairs. Very cool. Gold around there was
    bigger deal than Ca. for a long time They used a diving Bell to mine the gold in the river.....its in town on display I think.
    Great Mex food place there on the square, I think some one else on this board, thought it was good too! Nice town.

    Here was the old sign on the Main Building, I took when it was closed. New face lift is great, and top shelf.......

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    Re: Two Wheels of Suches

    I didn't stay overnight but a buddy and myself dropped by and chilled out at TWoS for a few minutes Memorial Day weekend. Seems to be a great place. Next time we go to the North GA Mtns to ride for the weekend, we'll be staying there.

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    Re: Two Wheels of Suches

    Ken (Kar650) and I rode down there during the Chill-Out. They have a great air conditioned lodge to have lunch in. We both got their Chicken salad sandwich. Very tasty!

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    Re: Two Wheels of Suches

    I've camped and stayed in the lodge there since they reopened a couple years ago... Bill, Mary, and Skip are great hosts!

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    Re: Two Wheels of Suches

    Run With The Wolf is coming to a close. It happens every year around this time, lasting from Wednesday to Sunday.

    We've been coming through two sets of owners. The current owners are fantastic hosts! And they've upgraded a lot. The entry is now concrete (used to be loose gravel). They have 3 new tent sites with electricity and people with medical need for electric get priority.

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    Re: Two Wheels of Suches

    Anyone want to plan a weekend or week days stay there, give me a holler. I will ride down, I know
    the route from MO. real well. I have been in this area a lot. Never stayed at the new place yet.
    Can you get a camper to the rear camping area? I never asked or looked to see. Very nice place.

    Again I will try to make it if someone wants to meet.

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    Re: Two Wheels of Suches

    To get to the camping area across the river, you use the far bridge. A sidecar rig can cross it. My trike can cross it.

    Then there is the new camp sites, down at the end, which you drive to without crossing a bridge.

    If you cross the bridge, you can ride up to the cabins / bath house, but its dirt/gravel.

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    Re: Two Wheels of Suches

    I got to camp there in Oct. this year 2016
    Nice place. I will be back soon.
    Rode over after Tims Ford Campout in Ten.

    Buttset from MO.

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