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Thread: Garmin 665 Map Update Tip

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    Garmin 665 Map Update Tip

    Over the weekend I updated my maps to the newest version and it did a crash/burn on me. Wiped out my map on the GPS completly and corrupted the map in Basecamp. After working with tech support here is the reason.

    I have a 16G SD card when an 8G is what is recommended. While the unit will read the 16G when Express reads the 16G SD card it stops processing data about 1/2 through the upgrade process. After that as long as the 16G SD card is plugged into the GPS it will not process and map update for either the unit or Basecamp.

    Fix is to remove the 16G SD card, do the update to both the GPS and Basecamp, then put the SD card back in. It may or may not process data from the SD card. Worse case is you will need to replace your 16G card with an 8G card but so far mine is working just fine. Going forward always remove the SD card before you allow a map upgrade to take place. An SD card is not required for the GPS to function properly.

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    Re: Garmin 665 Map Update Tip

    Good to know when we need to upgrade. Thanks!

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    Re: Garmin 665 Map Updat

    Quote Originally Posted by Servicebdu View Post
    I know, but they might update MapSource also.
    Im using 6.16.2 and still have the problem.
    According to the Garmin website, the latest version of Mapsource is 6.16.3 from October 25, 2010

    Changes made from version 6.16.2 to 6.16.3:
    o Fixed an issue with the updating process.

    Secure Digital (SD) card size limitations for automotive devices

    I use a Garmin 660 and I need to keep my SD card installed in the GPS since my map does not fit in the internal GPS memory and is installed on the SD card. Only the 3D map is installed on the GPS internal memory.
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