While these super coolers (Yeti, Engel, Pelican, etc) are nice, I personally can't justify paying the price for one. I don't need a cooler that's almost indestructible and bear-proof. I just want a cooler that is strong, has good hinges, thick insulation and keeps my food/beverages cold. It doesn't need to be extremely heavy. A 4' x 8', 2" thick piece of polystryene foam board (R10) is very light. The cost for 3 or 4 inches of insulation can't be that high. It seems to me the cooler manufactures are missing the boat in not designing a mid-range product that is a thick, well insulated cooler with good rubber insulation around the lid. The Coleman extreme coolers are close.
I have coated the inside of my cooler with reflectix to improve the insulation properties, but I'd rather have the insides of the cooler being a solid wall with thick insulation behind it.