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Thread: best year for wing

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    best year for wing

    Looking maybe to pickup another bike,looking for a 90's model,which year to most think is the best?

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    Re: best year for wing

    Most of all the bugs worked on the 98,99 and 2000 GL1500SE

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    Re: best year for wing

    I have a 97 aspencade for sale 5500.00 let me know. Zipp

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    Re: best year for wing

    From 97 up,,, the tranny's, motors and final drives were upgraded with heavy parts.
    Here is a little history on the wings.

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    Re: best year for wing

    My friend has a 2000 Anniversary SE wing for it on kijiji.windsor region..Honda

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    Re: best year for wing

    Any wing is good, some may be better than other it just depends on the Wing that your looking at. If your looking at a 99 that has had little maintenance done it's not worth buying. On the flip side you can buy an 89 that has been driven and well cared for and you can put 300,000 Plus Miles on it.... Worry free.

    Yes, in 1996 they beefed up the tranny, but there are many older wings out there with no tranny issues, it just is what it is...... More than likely on a older wing, if the transmission isn't gone by now it aint going to.

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    Re: best year for wing

    I agree with what Jobe05 says. For the most value the SE is a great find. The later 90's are supposed to be stronger. I personally stay away from a GW that has tugged a trailer or wears a car tire, but this is just my opinion only, I don't want to start a war. The 1500s are a better ride on highway but I think they are heavier feeling than a 1800 for slow speed stuff. But I have both so this is not a major factor either for me. There are several 1500s in my chapter that have over 250,000 miles with the original owners. And a few with just 40k - 60k well cared for miles. GW owners seem to love to care for their machines. I rarely see a unmaintained unit. Good luck, the search can be a lot of fun.

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    Re: best year for wing

    I bought my 94. Changed the fluids, but in a fresh gel battery and some tires. Rode it 35,000 miles doing nothing to it but change oil and tires. Sold it 3.5 years later for $400 more than I paid for it. I was going to buy an 1800, but plans changed. Wish I hadn't sold it.

    It is the condition of the bike, not the year or the miles on it. Just take a look around the guy's garage and look how he maintains his other toys.

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    Re: best year for wing

    I like my 1500 more and more, but my first (GW) love was my ’83 1100. I’ve trying to talk my next door neighbor into a GW for a couple of years now. At the end of the summer (yes, we have that up here.) He got a ’99 1500 SE, loaded, for $3400 with 43,000 miles.

    At 43,000 (1.) Just breaking in and (2.) Don’t know if timing belts have been changed.

    He found it on Craig’s List / Spokane.

    ’94 GL 1500 SE Extras: SIRUS Satellite Radio, Garmin GPS, SADDLEMAN Road Sofa and Touring Luggage, Touring Floodlights, Multiple Deer Whistles.
    Pulling an ’80 Eagle 1 Trailer or ’12 Roll A Home (wide bed, brakes)

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    Re: best year for wing

    My '82 runs like a champ!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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