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Thread: Refillable LP cylinders

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    Re: Refillable LP cylinders

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    The refillable 1 # cylinders can be filled from either a fork lift style tank, - OR - a gas grill style tank. - BUT - you need a separate fill valve for each tank, since the fittings on the tanks are completely different.
    You are correct in assuming the BBQ tanks need to be inverted in order to fill the 1# refillable cylinders ... The fork lift tanks do not, they are filled from the upright position.

    OK, where do you buy the type that you can leave standing right side up? All I've ever seen in a store is the regular gas grill type.
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    Re: Refillable LP cylinders

    You need bottles that transfer liquid propane, think fork lift bottles. They can be used verticle or horizontal. The deadman valve (fill valve for the small bottles) has to be matched to the style you have. The standard grill type bottles only transfer gas, unless you invert the bottle.

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    Re: Refillable LP cylinders

    Anyone know if the 1 gallon propane bottles fit in a harley saddlebag or a tour pak top box?

    I'm curious, just to figure if I can leave the trailer set up and go out for a refill or if I'll end up having to strap it down to the back seat of the bike!

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