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Thread: HelenTwoWheels Roll Top Bag

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    HelenTwoWheels Roll Top Bag

    Riding a Valkyrie Interstate and more recently, a Goldwing, I have had plenty of watertight luggage space for touring. However, loading up camping gear presented another problem. Because of the length and size, I would need to find something that would pack outside the hard luggage. Having heard about the HelenTwoWheels system, I thought it sounded like just what I needed.

    The bags are waterproof cordura. The are rugged and stand up to the rigors of motorcycle use. They are designed for motorcycles by motorcycle people. They are well made and look good on the bike. They have loops that allow the optional straps to go through for tie downs. They have reflective tape sewn on to give a little rear reflectivity.

    There are different sizes and different styles. They suggest the roll top bag for your dry stuff like sleeping bags. There is a draw string style for wet stuff such as tents and such. These allow some ventilation.

    There is a whole system that she suggests for packing up your gear.
    FIRST RULE: A tightly packed bag is a happy bag!
    Packed tight and attached tight to the bike.
    SECOND RULE: Keep the wet stuff away from the dry stuff!
    DRY stuff: sleeping bag, thermarest, clothes, etc.
    WET stuff: tent, drop cloth, yaddah yaddah
    THIRD RULE: Keep the long hard stuff away from the soft squishy stuff!
    The DRY stuff is also SOFT stuff? and is compressible?
    The WET stuff is often LONG HARD stuff? and will rub holes in the ends of your bag if compressed.

    I would not trade for my HelenTwoWheels bags. The website is

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    Re: HelenTwoWheels Roll Top Bag

    I also have one of these roll top bags. Super quality, and the roll top makes it easy to find things when you don't wnt to empty the whole bag for something you packed on the bottom. I can get all the stuff I used to put in my Unigo in the H2W and my Moto Fizz and not leave anything home.

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    Re: HelenTwoWheels Roll Top Bag

    I've had two roll top compression bags and the tent bag for about 3 years now and I'm happy with their quality and usefulness.

    Great folks to deal with.


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    Re: HelenTwoWheels Roll Top Bag

    After hearing only good things, I ordered a set that arrived only yesterday. I have the roll top, the drawstring as well as the clothes bag that should allow me plenty of flexibility no matter which two wheeled conveyance is doing the work.

    I should say that I've been less than impressed with the durability of my Ortlieb bag, certain that I've made an upgrade with Helen's bags. Doug
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    Re: HelenTwoWheels Roll Top Bag

    Congratulations Doug now you need to use them several times and let us know how they work for you and why you like them better than anyothers you have tried

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    Re: HelenTwoWheels Roll Top Bag

    The idea (Helen's clothes closes the same way) of the Ortlieb bag is fine as far as waterproofing goes and I've never had anything wet. My problem is with the material and the creases that are beginning to form where I continuously fold it over. This black material is going to be much more compliant and seems to be much better suited to our use getting strapped and cinched down. D

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    Re: HelenTwoWheels Roll Top Bag

    Helen's gear is second to none, and she stands behind her product. I bought mine (several pieces) a few years back and it has performed as advertised.

    While at a BMW rally in Washington Helen was there and I told her I had a small leak in one corner of the large bag, and she said send it in and they would fix it free of charge. Thats customer service.

    I rarely use them anymore with the ST because I travel two up and there is no room for these bags. However I would not get rid of them just in case I decide to take a solo trip.

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    Re: HelenTwoWheels Roll Top Bag

    I have used Helens bags for quite some time now and let me say they have been through hell and high water and I mean high water ! and everything remained dry! Great bags!!!

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    Re: HelenTwoWheels Roll Top Bag

    I have 3 of her bags..picked mine up personally as I am very close to her home base of Ann Arbor, MI..LOVE all 3 bags..takes me a bit to pack but then it always takes me a bit to pack anything! HAHA!!

    BTW it rained so hard for so long on my last day of travel home, that I was sure my stuff would be wet..much to my surprise NOTHING got a drop of water in or on it! Very impressed!
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    Re: HelenTwoWheels Roll Top Bag

    Been using the H2W stuff for 3 years now. No regrets what so ever, my favorite is the seat panniers great place for the heavy stuff.

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