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Thread: Moto Port Riding Gear

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    Re: Moto Port Riding Gear

    Guy I met in CO a few years back just had a wreck a few days ago, I may be rethinking my gear as I don't have Motoport gear

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    Re: Moto Port Riding Gear

    I purchased the Ultra II Airmesh jacket/pants and liners back in 2007. I did the measurements as suggested, sitting in a chair as Wayne suggests. I went on a 12,700 (door to door) USA Four Corners tour, first check point in Key West, then Madawaska ME/Blaine WA/San Ysidro CA (what a dump), wearing the suit. It did well except that his seamstress for some reason decided to cover my flat behind with HUGE extra material, so I not only looked like a grey Michelin Man, but also with a huge saggy butt It was pretty embarr ass ing wearing these pants and I don't consider myself as a 'Beau Brummel' so much of the time I just wore the jacket and jeans, except during heavy weather.

    As I neared the end of my journey I called Wayne @ Motoport/Cycleport and told him of my issue with the pants. He said maybe I got the measurements wrong but stop by so he could look at the pants and see what he could do. Maybe cut and sew. So I went to his facility IIRC San Marcos CA and showed him the pants. He asked the seamstress (I think her name was Rosa, IIRC) why she made the butt so big. I don't know was her response. It so happened they had a pair off the rack that fit me much better and we traded, so I did not have to wait around for alterations. It was at the end of the tour, so I headed back to home in Denver via the Mojave desert. Temps were 111F in Baker CA and 113F AZ/NV. I truly suffered from the heat, even though I hydrated as much as I could. Wearing a full face helmet, I found that flipping the visor was not a good idea. Too hot. I rode to Cedar City UT that day and after checking into a motel I found out just how de-hydrated I had become, brown urine and I mean brown. I guess I was lucky I didn't pass out and end up in a ditch. I'm thinking that the mesh suit caused me to lose much more fluids than if I had been covered up. Mesh was the wave of the future back then, but these days many hard core long distance riders are now covering up in 95+ degrees. Zipping everything up - non mesh suits, except for the sleeves and a bit of opening around the collar. They use LDComfort tights and long sleeve mock turtle necks. They soak the shirt with water and the cooling effect is considerable with air going up the sleeves and across their chest. They claim that this is much more effective than cooling vests. I have not tried this, although I have most all of the gear and swear by it.

    As far as the Motoport suit, mine was crash tested on the Top of the World Highway, halfway between Dawson City YT and Tok AK. The suit fared much better than I or the bike when the bike took a nap on a center of the road berm. I didn't break anything but my leg hurt for a couple of years. If I wasn't wearing the suit, I'm pretty sure injuries would have been a lot worse.

    Past few years I haven't used this suit and I've considered selling it. It's the full blown twelve hundred buck with liners in grey/black. Like new, except a very small scuff on one of the chest pockets. I wonder what would be a fair price? Maybe the 'committee' could help me out with that.
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