So we were able to go camping in Mid-October, for PA a nice thing to get to do. Codorus SP is a nice park with a huge campground. However the limitations for bringing a pet restrict which site can be reserved or used. Not really an issue, just good to know. The site we had picked Loop B site 77 was a good choice, the fire ring was down a small hill, but not a problem, close walking distance to the restroom/showers. Very clean facility..during the week days, they do use a leaf blower to move the leaves, but it was beginning at about 7:30 am. Our biggest complaint, not that much could be done about it, was that this appeared to be the stinkbug capital of PA!! We had to completely empty the capmer to remove the bug that managed to get into the camper (30-40 bugs) each evening prior to sunset. I never knew that these bug love crevices...they were everywhere!! On Tuesday morning we were getting ready to depart, closing the camper. We have a Bunkhouse that has a canvas top, when we took it off we folded it and placed under the camper. When we unfolded it to put on the camoer there had to be close to 300 bugs everywhere in every crevice of the canvas! They had also filled the weather stripping on the car!! Once we arrived home we once again completely emptied the trailer to ensure that we got rid of all the bugs!

But otherwise the campgroung was a good choice for a quick getaway!