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Thread: Coffee, gotta have it!!

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    Re: Coffee, gotta have it!!

    I always carry a small pot to cook everything on the wood fire and it's easy for me to boil water for a cup of coffee
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    Re: Coffee, gotta have it!!

    Quote Originally Posted by LarryinSeattle View Post
    With my jetboil, i can make a cup of coffee faster than you can go into the gas station, find the pre-made crap coffee, pour a cup and wait in line to pay for it. I use my Melita filter and pre ground coffee.

    If I am in a real hurry, I can go into the store and ask if I can have some hot water. All coffee stations have a hot water outlet (for tea) and I use the Starbucks Via instant packet. I don't even have to wait in line to pay!

    There was a review of the Jetboil on this website at:
    Wow 18 pages on coffee & all good stuff! I have used the Melita # 2 for many yrs now. Coffee is your choice as is how you get your hot water. At most camps I can get a cup of hot water from someone around there if I really try. I do carry a single burner liquid fuel Coleman Peak. Water to boil in about 4 minutes on high.

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    Re: Coffee, gotta have it!!

    I have a 4 cup pot that runs off 12 volt Cigarette lighter. About $35 on Amazon and carry Folgers in a ziplock bag
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    Re: Coffee, gotta have it!!

    Update: I've had my AeroPress for about a year now. I still think it is the preferred way to make coffee on the road. It packs up small and cleanup is super simple. I've added a small burr grinder to the pack or pre-grind coffee and vac pack into small pouches.

    As for coffee, i've settled into Pete's Major Dickesons and Fool's Coffee - Flatpicker's Fuel. I've tried a lot of the varieties out there and most are still too bitter for me to enjoy.
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