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Thread: Roll-A-Home Camp Trailer

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    Thumbs up Roll-A-Home Camp Trailer

    Picked up a 2006 Roll-A-Home King Size Pop-up camper.

    Having had several, including a Bunkhouse and a KwiKamp, was really impressed with this one. A little heavier than the others by maybe 40 pounds , but has everything off the ground when opened . Bed is huge - king size . It sets up about as easy as the others, and is a little easier to stow . No canvas covers when towing - all fiberglass. Can get to the cargo bay easily just by lifting the side when towing , and lifting a panel when parked. Really a nice rig, tows easily , but cuts into the fuel mileage .

    But the dressing room being off the ground when the tent is up is a really GREAT feature.

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    Re: Roll-A-Home Camp Trailer


    I agree this is a great Trailer. You are probably running 40 lbs more because of the king slide. Mine runs about 300 empty. Wish I had the king sometimes.

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    Re: Roll-A-Home Camp Trailer

    I have a 2002 Standard size Rolla-Home and really liked it behind the trike but sold the trike and went back to two wheels and bought a smaller KwikKamp and like it so far. Gonna sell RollaHome in spring.

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    Re: Roll-A-Home Camp Trailer

    I'd say you found the right website if you own the business

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    Re: Roll-A-Home Camp Trailer

    Quote Originally Posted by Billy View Post
    I got my Roll A Home in October of this year and loved it so much went back and bought out the business!
    Nothing personal, but I was really upset when I heard Larry sold out and the business moved to Okie. They're really nice trailers.
    Good luck with your business.

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    Re: Roll-A-Home Camp Trailer

    I will have to make time!!

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    Re: Roll-A-Home Camp Trailer

    Welcome to the site
    I for one like mine as I bought a used one last spring and in process of enjoying it . maybe you will start taking in trades ??????

    paint and body for twenty years Hmmmm.... maybe a flashy paint job as well LOL
    2018 Pearl White Goldwing Tour DCT
    Remember if its old and you are old its not worth as much as you paid for it

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    Re: Roll-A-Home Camp Trailer

    Hi Billy,

    Where in Oklahoma are you? I'd like to stop by the shop some day if I'm rolling through town.


    2003 Suzuki DR 650, The touring model.

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    Re: Roll-A-Home Camp Trailer

    We are about 175 miles SW of you in Hobart. Feel free to hollar anytime! Nice road trip..

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    Re: Roll-A-Home Camp Trailer

    Trades? Why in the world would you want to? I hear of people with 100,000 plus miles on em! I guess they're hard to wear out. I do have people contact me pretty often wondering if I know where any used ones are. I bet it wouldn't be hard to find a buyer. As for in the paint & body business for 20 years, I've been in it for closer to 36-37 years. Just been at this location for 20. Flashy? Definately doable!

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